Infinity Global Investors LLC is a premier investment firm dedicated to giving back to the community. We assist neighborhoods by purchasing old, abandoned or damaged single family and multifamily homes and restore them to “like new” condition. Passing the savings along to new tenants, homeowners and rent to own buyers who can realize their dream of giving back to their community…

Isn’t that the  “American Dream” ??   If not…it should be!!

We help give your neighborhood a face lift and help raise the property value in areas that have seen depreciation and devaluation from neglected properties. Not to mention the renewed community pride and help one another mentality bolsters the whole community and creates new business.

We are dedicated to helping people who have found themselves in a situation where they may be falling behind on their house payments and need to sell their home immediately!!  We will buy your house for any reason, divorce, loss of job, foreclosure and we will pay you cash!!  Don’t ruin your credit or better yet lose the one thing that can help you get out of debt. 

We offer all cash buys with a quick close, normally in  14-21 days. 

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