It’s good to see these markets recovering…look at you Detroit :)

8 Markets With Largest Gains in List Prices

Median list prices continued to move up in the majority of markets in July, according to®’s latest National Housing Trend Report. The median list price is where half of active listings are higher and half are lower.

The following markets posted the largest gains in median list prices in July year-over-year, according to®’s data:

  1. Stockton-Lodi, Calif.: 31.9%
    Median list price: $296,750
  2. Reno, Nev.: 19.6%
    Median list price: $299,000
  3. Corpus Christi, Texas: 19.3%
    Median list price: $208,998
  4. Sacramento, Calif.: 19%
    Median list price: $345,000
  5. Las Vegas: 18.9%
    Median list price: $193,790
  6. Detroit: 17.9%
    Median list price: $159,000
  7. Columbia, Mo.: 17.6%
    Median list price: $199,900
  8. Bakersfield, Calif.: 17.2%
    Median list price: $205,000



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